Friday, 4 October 2013

Microcontroller based response system for bed rest patients using Radio Frequency and Global System Mobile Project Report

               As we know that patients take a long bed rest after the operation where they will be Unable to talk &  walk .so, this project will be very useful to the patients to express their Problems like uneasy, vomiting, bathroom, internal pain, and drinking water, emergency Problems etc,.

The aim of this project if any bed patients are required to call a doctor or hospital staff for helping or treatment and the same time if the required to contact or to call their parsons (patient side).

In this project the entire hospital each and every patient bed will have one key pad, and this pad all are connected with doctor’s room and the same time reception computer also. The doctors room will have the LCD display system with emergency buzzer if any patient will press his key pad required help button it will display doctors room itself the patient detail like bed number, word number required help with alert buzzer sound, incase the patient are required to call their relation he will press the same key pad the specified button and after using this button now this key pad will connect to reception system and this system will send the massage to patient relations mobile including the patients name and hospital details. The patient, doctors room and reception computer will communicate with the help of Radio frequency (RF) communication, but the reception and patient relations will have communication with GSM technology.

In hospitals wards are too big and also no of patients is also more at that time connecting bet to central room through wire may creates some problem like signal losses, damages of wire ,etc. To a void this we planned to do this project in RF communication, it consists of transmitter and receiver. RF transmitter were connected to patient side, RF receiver were connected with doctors and room and reception computer. When patient press the switch encoded signal were transmitted through RF TX. This signal was received through RF RX and demodulated the signal, microcontroller acts as per the transmitted signal.

In this way this project is very useful to the bed rest patients for some one to attend their problem.

Patient Bed Side:

Reception Computer Side Unit:

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