Saturday, 4 January 2014

Inference Engine for Low-Power Real-Time Object Recognition Processor

Inference Engine for Low-Power Real-Time Object Recognition Processor

      Object recognition is computationally intensive and it is challenging to meet 30-f/s real-time processing demands under sub-watt low-power constraints of mobile platforms even for heterogeneous many-core architecture. In this paper, an intelligent inference engine (IIE) is proposed as a hardware con-troller for a many-core processor to satisfy the requirements of low-power real-time object recognition. The IIE exploits learning and inference capabilities of the neurofuzzy system by adopting the versatile adaptive neurofuzzy inference system (VANFIS) with the proposed hardware-oriented learning algorithm. Using the programmable VANFIS, the IIE can configure its hardware topology adaptively for different target classifications. Its archi-tecture contains analog/digital mixed-mode neurofuzzy circuits for updating online parameters to increase attention efficiency of object recognition process. It is implemented in 0.13-µm
CMOS process and achieves 1.2-mW power consumption with 94% average classification accuracy within 1-µs operation delay.
The 0.765-mm2 IIE achieves 76% attention efficiency and reduces power and processing delay of the 50-mm2 image processor by up to 37% and 28%, respectively, when 96% recognition accuracy is achieved.
Index Terms— Mixed-mode processor, neurofuzzy, object recognition, VLSI.
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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Time Management For Sterilization Of Plants Projects


The main aim of the project is to water the plants at different scheduled timings.  The system uses the microcontroller as the most crucial device that manages the time schedule and runs the application at regular programmed timings without the human involvement.

This project provides different on and off timings to provide the water supply to plants. The system starts the water supply only at preprogrammed timings. As the DS1307 Real Time Clock chip with battery back-up is used, there will be no disturbances for the programmed on/off timings even in power failures.

DS1307 is interfaced to the microcontroller for real timing performance. A 3V battery can be connected to DS1307 to avoid time disturbances caused by power failures. The user may even change the preprogrammed timings and set his timings according to his requirements.

Thus, at the preprogrammed timings, the motor switches on automatically and the water to the plants will be available through sprinklers. LCD is used to display the timings and the status of the motor.