Friday, 4 October 2013

Latest ECE Final Year Projects For Student

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1. Vehicle identification data monitoring and verification system for traffic and RTO using RF technology.

2. Computer based vehicle driving and monitoring system.

3. Microcontroller based response system for bed rest patients using radio frequency and global    system mobile.

4. Monitor and control of greenhouse effect environment using GSM.

5. Intelligent unmanned home security system using RF technology.

6. GSM based device control system for college lab.

7. Intelligent train engine for object id, track failure, signals and level cross.

8. Automatic meter reading and control system using radio frequency.

9. Data acquisition system and control using microcontroller interface.

10. GSM/RF/cell phone controlled five axes ROBO for industrial operations.

11. Vehicle gas detection with automatic safety warning system using GSM technology.

12. Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using wireless sensor.

13. Interactive telemarketing device for advertisement agencies with human approach.

14. Automated environmental vehicle system.

15. College student log (CSL), attendance and payment with control system.

16. Computerized wireless monitoring, bomb detection and defusing robot system.

17. Pre paid electricity easy recharging system for energy meters using GSM&RF.

18. Intelligent fire fighting robot using GSM/RF for commercial complexes.

19. Microcontroller based pc to pc wireless data transfer system.

20. Pc based pick and place sequence robot by using microcontroller.

21. Secured device control system for industries and home using GSM/RF.

22. Time based auto multi-device control system using pc for industries/city.

23. Wireless ATM machine system for bank.

24. Automatic zonal speed control and accident detection system for vehicles using RF/GSM technology

25. Artificial intelligent image capture and transferring to control room using wireless robot for security

26. Intelligent fire detection and monitoring for Railways.

27. SMS based vehicle locking and safety monitoring system.

28. Tanker ROBO for vision based surveillance system with remote access to sensor imagery

29. Wireless 3-phase motor starter system with status information using RF

30. Wireless energy recording system for home and industries

31. Intelligent anti collision system for railways using radio frequency.

32. Electronic menu selector system for hotels using wireless technology.

33. SMS based locking system for home / industries

34. Underground automation robot to detection oxygen, poison gas & temperature levels for mining locations

35. Live hi way vehicle speed checker system for check post and tollgate units

36. Home automation with immediate SMS feedback using GSM.

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