Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Excel Sheet Valuation System Projects

Excel Sheet Valuation System Projects

In the regular examination students writes the answer on paper, later teacher will valuates the answer sheet. Every year this is routine work for the teacher to make valuation, because of so many factors every year teachers makes strike or boycott the valuation as result the valuation will not complete in in time. Student have to face many problems. Here we proposed a system where an excel file will be sent to the student system, student as to answer  the excel sheet once the answering complete he send back the file to server. Then server automatically makes valuation. So no need of teacher to make valuation.

The purpose of this document is to specify requirements and to give guidelines for the development of above said project. In particular it gives guidelines on how to prepare the above said project.
This document is intended to be a practical guide for people who developing this software.

This project have a very good scope because valuation is take place in the server, no manual valuation is needed. If we improve the system step by step then one day no teacher is required to make the valuation.

The main goal of the software is automatic valuation system.

Hardware Requirements

Processor                   :       Pentium IV 2GHz and Above
RAM                          :       2GB RAM
Monitor                      :       15” Color Monitor

Software Requirements

Operating System.       :       Windows XP
Developing Tool          :       VB2005
Database                   :       MS Access

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