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Automatic College Bell Ring System Project

Automatic College Bell Ring System Project

Manual operation of school bell / college bell creates lot of disturbances caused by human errors. If the bell operator forgets to ring the bell for a specific period, or delayed to ring the bell, it creates disturbances for entire the institution. All the classes on that day will be completely disturbed. This problem is more present if the bell operator is on leave. Automatic Periodic College Bell is the only solution to avoid all these problems.

This project is very useful in schools, colleges and educational / academic institutions for automation of periodic class bell. This bell rings only at preprogrammed timings. As the DS1307 Real Time Clock chip is used, entire the calendar can be programmed into the microcontroller. User can program the bell to ring the bell from morning to evening at predefined timings and not to ring in after school hours and on Sundays and Second Saturdays.

Switches are provided for entering the required timings. LCD is provided to display the alarm times and current time. DS1307 is interfaced to the microcontroller for real timing performance. A 3V battery can be connected to DS1307 to avoid time disturbances caused by power failures.

External EPROM is used in this project to store the set timings. Data stored remains in the memory even after power failure, as the memory ensures reading of the latest saved settings by the micro controller. It can retain data for more than ten years.

Software Tools:
  1. Keil compiler
  2. Orcad.
Hardware Tools:
  1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
  2. RTC
  4. LCD
  5. Relay
Block Diagram.
Automatic College Bell Ring System Project

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