Monday, 7 October 2013

Automatic Meter Reading And Control System Using Radio Frequency. Project Report

     The AMR system starts at the meter. Some means of translating readings from rotating meter dials, or cyclometer style meter dials, into digital form is necessary in or to send digital metering data from the customer site to a central point. With the use of Electro-optical interface and Signal Processing Electronics. 

       In this project will have communication in between EB (electrical board) office to house/industry energy meters for taking the electrical energy usage and sent to the used electrical energy bill amount to house/industry and the same time if they are not paid the bill on time the EB will disconnect the house/industry electrical power line and after paid the bill will reconnect the connection without going in to the home/industry area, this all will be do by using RF communication technology.

The home/industry energy meter will connect the microcontroller unit and this unit will have the connection to energy meter, RF transmitter, RF receiver, control unit, display unit, sensor unit and etc, the sensor will take the meter reading with the help off meter will rotation/pulse and it will sent to the microcontroller and this controller will display the present used energy reading in units as well as amount of the units, and the controller will convert as a bit address and it will send to encoder, the encoder will encode as a IF signals, this IF signals will send to RF transmitter for converting the RF signals as well as to transmit the signal to the EB, after receiving this RF signals will convert as a IF signals in EB office side unit and the same time IF signals will decode with the help off decoder, after decoding the if signals it will conver as a bit address and this address will send to microcontroller, this controller will convert and send to computer with the help off level converter, and the computer will display present house/industry using energy.

The EB side unit will send each and every home/industry payment details including the last date of payment by using the computer. The EB side microcontroller will take the data from computer and it will send to encoder for converting bit address to IF signals, after converting the IF signals it send to RF transmitter for converting to RF signals, the converted RF signals will transmitted with the help of EB TX antenna, the transmitted RF signals will send receive the specified home/industry unit and it will display energy meter display panel it self.

In case the home/industry owner are not paid bill amount within date the EB side unit will send one more data to cut off the power line to the home/industry unit for disconnect the energy usage after getting this data the home/industry side microcontroller will disconnect the power line until clear the bill, after paying the bill the EB unit will send clear signals to home/industry unit and with the help of this the microcontroller will connect the power line to home/industry. In this system we are using the number of modules like RF transmitters. TF receivers, Encoders, Decoders, RX antenna, TX antenna, Microcontrollers, Switching units, Sensors, Oscillators, Power supply and etc.

Home side unit:
Project Report on Automatic Meter Reading And Control System Using Radio Frequency.

EB office side unit:
Automatic Meter Reading And Control System Using Radio Frequency. Project Report
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