Friday, 27 September 2013

IEEE Embedded Projects

 IEEE Embedded Projects 2013

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  1. GSM based distribution transformer monitoring system
  2. Messenger Development without Internet Using ZIGBEE (ZIGBEE)
  3. Development of an ES for Secure Wireless Data Communication (ZIGBEE)
  4. Innovative Congestion Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEE (ZIGBEE)
  5. Real Time Pantry Information System Using ZIGBEE (ZIGBEE)
  6. RTA Regulation for Environment Polluting Vehicles (GSM)
  7. E-Assortment Validation Check For Pharmaceuticals (RFID)
  8. Wireless Health Monitoring & Tracking System For Patients (RFID)
  9. Fall Detection & Activity Monitoring For Oldsters (MEMS)
  10. Smart Paroxysm Prediction& Life Saver System (MEMS)
  11. Accelerometer Based Gesture Recognisation For Wheel Chair Direction Control (MEMS)
  12. Vocalized Gadget Control (Voice IC)
  13. Mobile Operated Scada For Industries (DTMF)
  14. A Remote Measurement &Control System For Cultivation Based On Gsm Sms (GSM)
  15. Automated System For Fault Analysis In Industries Using GSM (GSM)

IEEE Embedded Projects Ideas

  1. Dam Water Level Intimation & Alerting System Using GSM (GSM)
  2. Vehicle Superintending System with Voice Feedback (Voice IC)
  3. Wireless Meter For Consumer Utilities (ZIGBEE)
  4. Can Base Wagon Automation System (CAN)
  5. Highway Vehicle Arrival Identification &Power Saving System (IR)
  6. Contemporary Bus Station With Voice Alert (Voice IC)
  7. Monitoring &Controlling Of Requirements For Cultivation (RF)
  8. Motion Operated Scrolling Display For Pc Using Mems Accelerometer (MEMS)
  9. Embedded Data Display Unit Using Can Bus (CAN)
  10. Dash Board Designing Using Can Bus (CAN)
  11. Hand Movement Recognisation System Based Mouse With MemsAccelerometer (MEMS)
  12. Palpitation Panel Based Automation (Touch panel)
  13. Palpation Screen Based Driving System (Touch panel)
  14. PC Regimented Defense Android Using ZIGBEE (ZIGBEE)
  15. First Aid Android In Defense (RF & ZIGBEE)
  16. Fiscal Access Control System Using Smartcard (Smart Card)
  17. Authentication Of Android Controlling Through Voice (Speech Recognisation)
  18. Procure Equipment Monitoring & Control (GSM)
  19. Mobile Based Banking System With Voice Revelation (DTMF)
  20. IRIS Dependent Gadget Control (IRIS)

 IEEE Embedded Projects Topics

  1. Face Descry System (Face Recognize)
  2. Fp Based Physical Access Control Vehicle Immobilizer (Finger Print)
  3. Bio Metric Authentication System For Foyer Accessing (Finger Print)
  4. Modern Security System For Fiscal Transaction (Finger print)
  5. Handheld Multi Parameter Monitoring & Analysis System (ZIGBEE)
  6. RFID Based Repository Android (RFID)
  7. Wireless Endorsed Operated Robot (RF)
  8. Automatic Patrolling &Obstacle Detection Vehicle with Image Monitoring (RF)
  9. DAS Android Controlled By Peal (Telephone)
  10. E Cash Pay Off For Fuel Station (Smart Card)
  11. Elegant Library Management System Using RFID (RFID)
  12. Sophisticated Multipurpose Card (Smart card)
  13. Advanced Digital EM With Rejuvenate & Alert System( MIFARE Card)
  14. Vehicle Tax Pay & Access System (MIFARE card )
  15. Access Check For Smart Money Carry (Smart card )
  16. Remote Parent Care

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