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Projects Based on PLC

Projects Based on PLC

can you want new Projects Based on PLC and want more information about Projects Based on PLC. here you will get a list of PLC based projects.
Projects Based on PLC
Automation System Based on PLC
Following is the some suggested list of Projects based on PLC.

  • Density Based Traffic Light Control System. 
  • PLC Based Bottle Filling Station with Conveyor Model.
  • Subtraction Ff Logical Counter Output In Large Industries.
  • Automatic Bottle Filling System.
  • Sps based on eed Control Of DC Motor.
  • PLC Based Load Sharing System.
  • Single Way Conveyer Lifting System.
  • Automatic Drilling Set Up.
  • PLC Based Automatic Boiler Management.
  • Multiplication Of Logical Counter Output In Large Industries.
  • Level Control System. 
  • PLC Based Automatic Car Parking System.
  • Automatic Packing Machine.
  • PLC Based Door Open and Closing System.
  • Conveyor/Material Handling System For Industrial Appliances.

Latest Projects Based on PLC

  • PLC Based Irrigation Controller for Garden.
  • Logical Timer Setting.  
  • Automatic Electronic Filling Mechanism.
  • PLC Based Traffic Density Control using Sensor.
  • Logical Gate Performance & Operation On Various Fields.
  • Speed Control of AC Motor. 
  • PLC Based Wireless Energy Meter.
  • Lift Controlled System Using Hadraulic/Peneumatic. 
  • Logical counter operating system.
  • PLC Based Control of Advertisement Display.
  • Level Sontrol System PID Using PLC.
  • PLC with Internal Locking System and Control.
  • Division Of Logical Counter Output In Large Industries
  • Temperature Control System PID Using PLC. 
  • Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Controller.

Major Projects Based on PLC

  • Cyclic Timer Operation In Industries.
  • Designing Of PLC-PIC Based. 
  • Temperature Monitoring and Control System with Automatic Equipment Control using Computers.
  • Designing Of PLOC-8051 Based.
  • SCADA Designing For Grid Sub Station. 
  • Thermal Overload Protection for Transformer.
  • SCADA Designing For A Mixer.
  • Automatic Lifting Tool Control Systems. 
  • SCADA Implementation Of A Solar Power Plant.
  • SCADA Designing For Power Generation Plant (Thermal Power Plant)
  • Automatic Door Opening and Closing System. 
  • Addition Of Logical Counter Output In Large Industries.

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