Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Environmental Engineering Seminar Topics

New Seminar Topic on Environmental Engineering

 Environmental Engineering seminar topics
 Environmental Engineering

Carbon Abatement Technologies[CATs]
Co-firing with a CO2-neutral biomass
Supercritical and IGCC coal-fired power plant
Saline aquifers
Global Environmental Facility
Environmental impact assessment and mitigation
Water supply and treatment

Wastewater conveyance and treatment
Honey bucket systems
Carbon capture technologies, CO2 transport, storage and use
Global Practices of Environmental engineering law.
underpinning technologies

List of New Seminar Topics on Environmental Engineering

Electrostatic precipitators
Catalytic converters
Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Reactive organic gases (ROG)
Recycled container housing
Organic production of high-value products from seaweed
Floating, ecological, multi-power source desalination plant
Hyper-sound water-purifying system
Green IT concept
Treadmills that convert the rotation of the belt into electricity
Designer shopping Cloth bags
Reusing instead of recycling packaging

Environmental policy and regulation development

Contaminated land management and site remediation
Hazardous waste management
Solid waste management


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