Saturday, 16 June 2012

latest Seminar Topics For Electrical Engneering

  1. AC Cable Versus DC Cable Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms
  2. Adaptive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit
  3. Automatic Solar Tracker
  4. Artificial Intelligence In Power Station
  5. Wireless Power Transmission Via Solar Power Satellite
  6. Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  7. Optical Technology In Current Measurement
  8. The Universal Current Sensor
  9. Nuclear Batteries
  10. Large Scale Power Generation Using Fuel Cell
  11. Surge current protection using superconductors
  12. Solar Power Generation
  13. Buck Boost Transformer
  14. Infrared thermography
  15. Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
  16. Surge Current Protection Using Superconductors 

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